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Reader feedback: Is there a phase two?

Re: Forum planned to handle industrial policies, Business in short, March 15 - 21, Vol 10, No 1010

My first reaction to this article is to notice the emphasis on simple labour as the main launch platform for manufacturing and the economic forces that will bring a better future for Slovakia. If manufacturing is the main goal for the economic development community, how will it happen? What is the plan?

It might be extremely shortsighted for Slovakia's future development. Additionally, to extend this as the main thrust for 10 years will put the future of Slovakia in serious trouble. Slovakia will then be forced to depend on the number of nails one man can hammer in one day to earn enough to live.

Elementary to any discussion of the ways of the economy must be some planned transition to an economy that relies on things of the mind, not the muscle. To do otherwise is to guarantee destitute citizens for generations to come. It should never be forgotten that self-improvement and any form of education is the real secret to a bright future.

If The Slovak Spectator knows about the government's plan to upgrade Slovak learning standards, it would be a great service to create a forum question to get your readers thinking, reacting, and planning for the future. Is there a government plan to do this?

Ed Wohland,
California, USA

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