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Reader feedback: Pure outrage

Re: Disney house in ruins, Movie review, By Jonathan Knapp, March 29 - April 4, Vol 10, No 10

The Haunted Mansion completely lacked any form of creativity or entertainment value. I have seen better flash cartoons online, for free. It was neither funny nor suspenseful... and about as original as Airplane 2. I watched it as an in-flight movie during my flight to Korea, and I still regret the time I wasted watching the thing. I should have turned it off and gone to sleep. I can only imagine how the people that actually paid to see the thing felt... I would have booed and walked out of the theatre, and I have not walked out of a movie since I saw Harriet the Spy (though even that one is better than The Haunted Mansion).

Please tell me that this is not where Disney is going. I was a bit shocked to learn that Disney made this, even in light of such amazing(ly bad) films as Peter Pan 2, not that I ever watched Peter Pan 2; I am just going to assume that it is bad.

Oh well, as long as Pixar keeps making films like Finding Nemo, I'll be ok.

The Critic,
New Jersey

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