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Dzurinda pushed to secure support for coalition

PM MIKULÁŠ Dzurinda, head of the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union, should submit to other coalition partners a concrete proposal for an agreement securing the support of the 76 Slovak MPs needed for a parliamentary majority.

Some officials of other ruling coalition parties said that if the PM does not do so, and does not succeed, a serious situation will arise for which he will bear responsibility, the daily Hospodárske noviny wrote.

The Club of Independent MPs announced that it was willing to negotiate support for individual legislative proposals in the parliament. However, it does not think it is necessary to sign any agreements.

The opposition party of Vladimár Mečiar, the People's Union - Movement for Democratic Slovakia, said that no one from the ruling coalition has asked the party for its cooperation.

The Free Forum party, which consists of former members of the PM’s party, insists that it will not enter the current government unless Dzurinda resigns. The Free Forum has not received any requests for aid in approving legislative proposals in parliament, nor to sign an agreement of support for the government.

Compiled by Marta Ďurianová from press reports
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