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Reader feedback: Desiring Mečiar

Re: Mečiar and Gašparovič make it to the second round of presidential elections, Flash news briefs, Mar 29 - Apr 4, 2004, Vol 10, No 12

It is true that Mečiar's followers are more responsible and attend all activities that could affect their leader. Meanwhile the supporters of Kukan failed to attend the vote this time and affected the future of Slovakia.

Education plays a role. Educated people, no matter how hard they are trying and in what conditions they are living, believe and know that reforms (and thus the coalition) will bring a better future and more opportunity. No matter how hopeless it might seem to be. Meanwhile the working class was better off during Mečiar's reign; the reforms that are in place now put more emphasis on education and thus those people simply want to turn back time.

It is not their fault; it is just the desire to survive - a simple human characteristic. They lived better in the past, thus their desire told them to vote for Mečiar. And since Mečiar is a very good spokesman he knows how to put it so that the desire orders them to vote.

Prievidza, Slovakia

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