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Cheaper by the Dozen (Dvanásť do tucta) - Comedy by Shawn Levy. A group of children run amok when their father (Steve Martin) becomes preoccupied with coaching a college football team and their mother (Bonnie Hunt) goes on a book tour to promote her recently released memoirs. Two of the lovable delinquents are played by popular television stars: Tom Welling, who plays the teenage Superman in Smallville, and Hilary Duff (of the Disney Channel's Lizzie McGuire), who plays a teen pop star in real life.

Levity (Muž, ktorý zabil) - Drama by Ed Solomon.

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After spending about 20 years in prison staring at a photograph of the boy he killed during an attempted robbery, Emanuel Jordan (Billy Bob Thorton) wants to get himself some of that salvation. After a wise pastor (Morgan Freeman) helps him readjust to the straight life, he meets two unrelated women (Holly Hunter and Kirsten Dunst) in need of some help. Whether or not they like it, he's their man.

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Something's Gotta Give (Milovať je zábavné) - Romantic comedy by Nancy Meyers. As usual, Jack Nicholson plays his charming self. But this time it is blatantly obvious, as he plays Harry, an aging playboy with a penchant for younger women. After suffering a heart attack at the home of his young girlfriend's mother (Diane Keaton), he finds himself, for the first time ever, attracted to a woman his own age. But his young and virile doctor (Keanu Reeves) begins to develop similar feelings.

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Secret Window (Tajomné okno) - Thriller by David Koepp. Two of our best actors - Johnny Depp and John Turturro - star in this adaptation of a Stephen King story. Depp plays an accomplished writer who secludes himself in the country to escape from his messy divorce. And Turturro does what he does better than practically anybody: play a psychotic. Also starring Maria Bello, Timothy Hutton, and Charles S Dutton. But let's not get distracted from what's important: Depp and Turturro.

Hidalgo (Oceán ohňa) - Adventure by Joe Johnston. On the heels of his Lord of the Rings success, Viggo Mortenson plays Frank T Hopkins, an American cavalry rider who takes his trusted horse, Hidalgo, to participate in a deadly race across the desert from Arabia to Iraq. The film also features world-class bridge player Omar Sharif, who in his spare time has starred in some of the greatest films ever made (Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago).

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