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Reader feedback: No guarantees for taxi drivers

Re: Too many taxi-drivers in Bratislava, guild complains, Flash news briefs, Apr 26 - May 2, Vol 10, No 16

What rubbish. Sure, I agree that cab drivers that lack knowledge are not a good thing, but the point is that the more drivers there are around the city, the more their firms are going to be pushed to improve the quality of service and reduce prices in order to stand out amongst the rest. That's basic economics, folks. That can only be good for the customer, and if the guild don't like it, tough for them. Isn't Slovakia striving for a fully functioning market economy? Putting a bottom on tariffs and increasing regulation only stops customers from receiving lower prices. The real issue here is that taxi drivers want a guaranteed income, which regulation can bring to them. Sure, but it's just a step back in policy. Just wait until the EU hits us, and then you'll feel the wrath of real market competition.

Bratislava, Slovakia

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