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Reader feedback: Leaving Iraq is irresponsible

Re: Slovak soldiers will stay in Iraq, News in short, May 3 - 9, Vol 10, No 17

If every country, including the US and Slovakia, took all the troops back home, do [opponents of the occupation] think that more people or fewer people would die in Iraq during the rest of 2004?

Do they know the true situation there, that there are so many different groups, such as Shiites, Sunnis, and many others, who hate each other and will fight and kill each other to try to gain control of the country? If all foreigners left Iraq right now, with no stable Iraqi government and Iraqi police, thousands or hundreds of thousands of people would die.

It sounds very nice and emotional to demand that the troops come home now, but that does not show an understanding of the consequences - it is naive.

Drahačik, Košice, Slovakia

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