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Reader feedback: Self-determination for Iraq now

Re: Slovak soldiers will stay in Iraq, News in short, May 3 - 9, Vol 10, No 17

It is hard not to be emotional about the war in Iraq, especially when so many people are dying in the indiscriminate bombing in Falluja, not to be emotional when prisoners are being abused, and trying not to be emotional when people all over the world are demanding the end of the war.

There is great opposition to this war: For example the letter from over 60 American diplomats accusing Bush and his other fanatic leaders [of making global popular support for the US shrink].

Probably, once Bush and his accomplices leave Iraq (right before they lose the elections), there will be a big mess there and of course some innocent people will suffer. But to justify an invasion, bombing, torture, lying, the accusation of the Iraqi population of terrorism - all this is really too much. This is not the real America; the people running this war are fanatics and the American population speak out very clearly against the invasion.

In the end, this war is bad for the US. There is a natural principle in the relationship between different countries and populations, and that is the right to free self-determination. The war should stop now.

Armando Caparó, Bratislava

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