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Slovaks EU pessimists

SLOVAKS are among the most pessimistic citizens of the EU, as they fear the decrease of their economic situation, their personal situation, and the economic situation of their country in the coming year.

According to a survey published by Eurobarometer, 48 percent of Slovak respondents said they were worried that their financial situation would worsen and 41 percent feared that their personal situation would deteriorate compared to the average levels the 10 new EU members: 39 and 22 percent, respectively, the Slovak daily SME wrote. In the so-called old EU members, 43 percent expected a worsening economic situation.

EU membership as such is considered a good thing by 46 percent of Slovaks, which is the third highest level in the EU. Support is down by 12 percent from last autumn, however.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from press reports
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