Opposition abandons recall attempts

THE PARLIAMENTARY opposition parties decided that they would no longer try to recall cabinet ministers because they do not have the 76 parliamentary votes needed to overthrow them.

At a meeting of the parliamentary opposition members that included the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia's Viliam Veteška, Smer leader Robert Fico, People's Union head Vojtech Tkáč, and Vladimír Ďaďo from the Communist Party, the opposition representatives agreed to demand that the cabinet submit a report on public administration reform, the private news agency SITA wrote.

The opposition will also request an extraordinary parliamentary session on the basis of the report.

Together, the opposition has 67 of parliament's 150 members.

Ahead of the May session of parliament, the opposition plan also includes an agreement to ask the cabinet to delay the decommissioning of the V1 nuclear power station in Jaslovské Bohunice.

The opposition leaders decided to reject the health reform prepared by Health Minister Rudolf Zajac, whose six laws are expected to be among the total of 100 proposals to be discussed in parliament this month.

The opposition said it would ask the cabinet to prepare a detailed report on the Slovak military presence in Iraq, including reasons for its deployment and why the unit should stay in the country.

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