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Gangland boss enjoys illegal prison advantages, prison guards charged

IN THE COUNTRY’s most protected jail in the town of Ilava, gangland boss Mikuláš Černák enjoyed illegal advantages in his prison cell.

He had his own television set and received more packages than prisoners are officially allowed. The doors to his cell were often open so that the prisoner could take walks through the hallways.

In connection with the case, an investigator from the Anti-Corruption Office has already charged two correctional officers with corruption and abuse of power, the news wire SITA wrote.

Černák's lawyer says the claims could well be a provocation targeted at his client who was released on probation on May 7 for his good behaviour.

The investigator claims that one of the officers wrote an untruthful positive report about the prisoner.

The court set Černák's trial term at 66 months. However, Trenčín district prosecutor Adolf Pompa filed a complaint against the decision and so the Trenčín Regional Court will have the final word on the case.

In November 1999, in the biggest gangland trial so far in Slovakia, the court found the gangland boss guilty of murder, kidnapping, and extortion and sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

Černák, who has been in prison since 1997, appealed his case to the Supreme Court in late January 2000. The Supreme Court acquitted him of the charges of kidnapping and murdering Polish citizen Grzegor Szymanek, reducing his sentence to 8.5 years for extortion. After serving half his prison term, Mikulas C applied for release on probation.

Compiled by Beata Balogová from press reports
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