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Police disarmgangs in Sereď

IN THE PAST week, police preventatively disarmed two criminal groups in Sereď in Slovakia’s southwestern Galanta district.

Police Vice President Jaroslav Spišiak said that two people had been detained, a car factory employee who was an explosives expert, and the boss of one group. Both are accused of possessing illegal weapons, SITA reported.

One group was engaged in car theft and the other trafficked in drugs. Both wanted to expand their territories. When they crossed paths, they secured so-called “clean” weapons - ones unused for murder and difficult to trace.

During house searches police officers found a military sniper machine gun in addition to two automatic guns, six handguns, and some stealth weapons: two crossbows with arrows and one blowpipe.

The police also found a lab fully equipped for the production of methamphetamines.

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