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Reader feedback: The West needs immigrants

Re: EC has no comment on van der Linden’s Roma statements, Flash news briefs, May 10 - 16, Vol 10, No 18

Most people are still ignorant of the huge demographic shift that is already well underway in Europe and will lead to radical redefinition of what it means to be European within a generation. All European countries, with the exception of Albania, now have birth rates to low to maintain their population size. Were it not for immigration, the EU population would already be declining. Therefore the survival of the European welfare state is now tied to a massive and uninterrupted influx of immigrants.

Unfortunately, birth rates elsewhere will also be dropping and the global population is set to actually start to decline within a couple of decades. The result will be a “seller’s market” for immigrants. A person in the developing world who is unhappy with the pace of improvements in his or her country will soon have a veritable smorgasbord of options. In such a world, how will the high-tax Eurozone compete for the bodies necessary to prop up its ageing populations (and its indolent)? Some analysts are predicting the rise of “Eurabia” as the continent is swamped by Muslim immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, but as troubling as that prospect is, it that may turn out to be an optimistic scenario.


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