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Reader feedback: Battle of the hordes

Re: Chinese hospitality could come to Bratislava, Business in short, May 24 - 30, Vol 10 No 20

At the risk of offending the "hordes" of foreign investors, it would behove the leaders of Slovakia to find more key internal advisers that are wise and experienced enough in local standards not to bend to every person promising riches that walks through the door.

Very few foreign countries have any loyalty or past history with Slovakia that can do it any good. Somebody buying off the cheapest labour in Europe is no feather in Slovakia's cap.

But that day is ending soon; it is now a temporary means to an end. The middle name of every Slovak I know is "Entrepreneur".

There are "hordes" of Slovak entrepreneurs working as fast as they can to get out there and let the world know they have come to play, big time.

At the end of the day, Slovaks, with their own best judgment, must make aesthetic, economic and moral decisions to set a course for Slovaks - no one else comes first. In the first case, they must choose an architectural board of standards, not based on how many crowns will be deposited locally, but what is best for Slovakia's visual future.

Slovakia has paid too high a price, for too many centuries, to let someone, anyone, walk all over them again.

Ed Wohland,
California, USA

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