Chemical companies see Sk4 billion

CHEMICAL and pharmaceutical firms in Slovakia recorded a gross profit of Sk4 billion (€100 million) in the first three months of 2004, an 8.2 percent increase year on year, the private news agency SITA reported.

Revenues without value-added and excise taxes reached Sk39.8 billion (€995.5 million). Sales decreased by 2.2 percent to Sk34.5 billion (€863 million).

The industry generated an aggregate added value of Sk9.3 billion (€232.6 million). Companies exported products for Sk26.7 billion (€667.9 million), which is a year-to-year decrese by 8.8 percent. Imports rose by 9 percent to Sk32.3 billion (€807.9 million).

The sector employed 33,219 people with an average monthly wage of Sk20,843 (€521).

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