Reader feedback: Tokay recognition is sweet news

Re: Hungary officially recognises Slovak Tokay vineyards, Flash news briefs, May 31 - June 6, Vol 10, No 21

I am thrilled to hear Hungary recognise Slovak Tokay vineyards. In April of this year, I had the opportunity to visit the region in both countries. Quite frankly, I found the quality of the Slovak Tokay wines to be superior to that of those in Hungary. While visiting the vineyards and cellars of Anna and Gejza Nagy, I purchased a substantial quantity of their Tokay wines. These wines were so delicious that I have cellared them in my own house and have expressly told my four children that they shall be served at their respective weddings.

My wife and I have had several friends over to taste Slovak Tokay wines, and they have been very impressed with the quality of this delicious handmade product. For both Hungary and Slovakia, I truly hope that the marketing of this product shall likewise be a joint recognition venture. The Tokay region cares not whether it is in Slovakia or Hungary - it is an area where the perfect soils, climate, and hydrology exist for the production of this world-class product. It is an area and product that are well worth recognition and support. Congratulations to the Slovak Tokay producers. Keep the quality of your product high and the world will beat a path to your cellar doors.

Charles Draughn,
North Carolina, USA

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