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Reader feedback: UFO connection to crop circles still unsure

Re: Exhibition traces UFO signs in Slovakia, Culture in short, June 14 - 20, Vol 10, No 22

I read this article with interest. We are a group studying crop circle plants and soils (and occasionally also substances which have been found deposited in crop circles) called the BLT Research Team, and we are based in the US.

We have been sampling plants and soils at crop circle sites for the last 11 years, in 8 to 9 different countries, and our work clearly indicates that both the plants and soils have been affected by multiple energies, the source of which is as yet unknown.

It is not clear that crop circles are directly related to UFO phenomena, although there are a few cases in which UFOs have been reported in conjunction with the discovery of new crop circles.
That they are directly connected is not certain. What is certain is that the majority worldwide are not mechanically flattened by people; something more interesting is going on.

Nancy Talbott,
BLT Research Team Inc, Massachusetts, USA

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