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Reader feedback: Magyars and Slovaks can make love, not...

Re: Fighting prejudices, By Lukáš Fila, June 21 - 27, Vol 10, No 22

I am very encouraged by the rapprochement between Slovaks and Magyars under the current coalition government. My grandmother was from Košice and was pro-Magyar. My grandfather was from the Prešov Region and was pan-Slavic. This did not prevent them from producing 13 children between them. My ancestors were traditionally Hungarian hussars by occupation; my grandfather joined the Czechoslovak Legion in the first world war. In Pittsburgh (my hometown), Slovaks and Magyars got along together remarkably well. A healing catharsis in the area between the Carpathians and the Danube has been long overdue.

Vladimir Baumgarten,Florida, USA

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