Reader feedback: Rising living standard unnoticeable

Re: Slovak living standard rising, Flash news briefs, June 7 - 13, Vol 10, No 22

Slovakia has made a bad name for itself? You have got to be kidding me. It is hilarious how some people do not have a clue about what is going on. First of all, people are too sad, too angry, too frustrated, and too poor to care about another election. Every election since 1989 has been such a disappointment (as Mr Kukan might know). Every time we thought it could not get worse, there it came and it, in fact, did get worse.

It is just another meaningless election that does not change anything. You can talk to an exhausted father of two who barely makes enough to pay the rent as much as you want to about macro- and micro-economic impact of EU, long term advantages, structural changes, and budget implications of this union. He does not care.

On the basis of the people I know; my family, and my closest surroundings, I can come to only one conclusion: From my salary I can buy less today than I could yesterday and more than I will be able to tomorrow. I see too many people in my neighbourhood striving to keep their family business running at least an inch above water. And this is an average neighbourhood in the suburb of one of the biggest cities in Slovakia - though not Bratislava.


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