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Reader feedback: The meat of the matter

Re: Restaurant battles boredom, By Eric Smillie, June 21 - 27, Vol 10, No 24

I'll certainly pay this place a visit. Even a beefsteak at Sk250 is not expensive; that is, if it is sizable, juicy, not chewy, and done as ordered. I have blood type O and am hence a typical meat eater, always on the lookout for a good steak. I have eaten at over 30 different restaurants in Slovakia and, much to my disappointment, I still haven't found the steak I am looking for.

I blame Slovak butchers primarily (they cut too much to avoid "schnitzel"), but the chefs translate underdone as pink/medium and medium as almost well done. So for a juicy steak I buy bulk meat and cut and prepare it myself. In other words, if you are a meat eater, generally speaking, one should not order a beefsteak.

However, the Slovaks are masters at preparing venison and a more than fitting sauce (sweetish through berries, simultaneously savoury through mild soy sauce) to go with it. They appear to know exactly how to treat and cure the buck or the boar, and how to simmer-fry it to excellence. So to all meat eaters out there, if you ever visit Slovakia, treat yourself to venison.

Radošovce, Slovakia

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