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Slovaks think GM food is harmful

HALF of polled Slovaks think that genetically modified (GM) food has a negative effect on people's health, the TNS agency told the SITA news wire.

The agency carried out the survey in May on a representative sample of 1,015 respondents in order to monitor the attitude of Slovaks towards GM foods. Slovakia's EU membership has automatically allowed for the use of some genetically modified foods in the country.

The view that GM food has a detrimental effect on health was held mostly by younger people between the ages of 18 to 39, people with higher levels of education, and respondents living in larger cities such as Bratislava and Košice.

Only one in 10 of those polled claimed that they did not know what the effects of such products on human health are.

Three-quarters of respondents are familiar with the concept of GM food. Familiarity with the term grows with the level of education and the size of the municipality they live in.

Three-quarters of those polled would also reconsider the consumption of a product, should they find a warning about genetic modification on its packaging.

Of those polled, 36 percent would not consume a genetically modified food product at all and 38 percent would reduce their consumption of it.

Only a quarter of respondents would continue to consume a product containing genetically modified ingredients without any reduction.

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