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Reader feedback: Re: The US has bad motives, Reader feedback, June 28 - July 4, Vol 10, No 25

What are friends for?

For those who believe George W Bush is Slovakia's friend, let me remind you that he doesn't know the difference between Slovakia and Slovenia. The US is first and foremost concerned with protecting and furthering its national interests in the Middle East. Those interests are narrowly defined by the corporate interests this administration represents.

If Slovakia's leaders feel that aligning themselves with those interests benefits them and the Slovak people, that is their prerogative. They, too, must face the judgement of the electorate. Military adventures are always justified by high moral rationalisations that usually mask a more base agenda. It is easy to obfuscate motivations. But in the end, what matters are consequences. In the Middle East, they are looking pretty stark these days.

Joe Kozak,
Texas, USA

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