Reader feedback: Beware the thought police

Re: Palko protests Swedish verdict on anti-gay pastor, Flash news briefs, July 12 - 18, Vol 10, No 27

The idea that politically incorrect opinions can get you thrown into a Swedish jail should be troubling and more than enough to show the idiocy of "hate crime laws". In this case, what the Swedish authorities did was as disgusting as Mr Green's opinion.

As derogatory as Mr Green's comments were, they were just his opinions. As far as I know, he has not advocated nor incited violence against homosexuals, nor has he physically harmed them. Perhaps this law is designed for those who are more worried about preserving the facade of tolerance in Swedish society rather than seeing evidence of what really lies in their hearts. Just because you repress people's opinions does not mean that you have magically created tolerance. You have merely pushed these issues below the surface where they can fester.

I'd rather hear what people truly think, even if it is unpleasant. Then these ugly ideas can be dealt with and opposed in an open, honest manner. Also, why stop at just skin colour, religion, and sexual orientation? What about nationality? Maybe we should have thought police at the next anti-American demonstration to make sure that nobody makes any derogatory comments about Americans.


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