Reader feedback: A happy, foggy memory

Great Escapes: Hiking in the High Tatras, By Roman Millan with John Sherwood, July 19 - 25, Vol 10, No 28,

I have been thoroughly enjoying these outdoors in Slovakia articles, and hope you will consider extending the series a bit longer, although I imagine that, with the research, it is a lot of work. This one, in particular, was excellent, partly because I have enjoyed this hike and the area dozens of times, and the memories are welcome.

The description of the sun, the temperature drop, and then the fog rising from the lake reminded me of a time in early February, 1993, when we were walking around the frozen, snow-covered lake with some friends. One from the group walked out onto the lake as an ice fog began to rise, and before he had gone 20 metres, he disappeared into the frozen mist. He reappeared to our right, having gotten turned around in the fog, like some apparition from the depths of Štrbské Pleso.

Don Merritt,
Berlin, Germany

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