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Activists oppose Slovak MEP's nomination

SEVERAL women's groups and Slovak politicians are opposing the nomination of Christian Democrat (KDH) Anna Záborská, a member of the European Parliament (MEP), to the head of the EP's committee for women's rights and gender equality.

Záborská's election was blocked by the EP's liberals, socialists, and greens on July 23. Another vote is expected to take place July 26, the SME daily reports.

According to the Slovak Alliance of Women, Záborská is not suited to lead the committee because, as an MEP, she does not promote women's rights; "on the contrary, as a KDH MP she represents Catholic values and traditions," the NGO argues.

Another women's group, Urobme to!, adds that it is not aware of any activity Záborská has been engaged in "to promote solutions to equal-opportunity issues in Slovakia".

Záborská has said in the past that homosexuals should not be allowed to teach because they could have a negative influence on their students.

In an interview with SME, however, Záborská says it is her opponents who are intolerant.

"Should someone who represents Catholic values have no right to be the head of an EP committee? I regard that as the height of intolerance", Záborská said.

The MEP expects to be elected despite the opposition.

Compiled by Martina Jurinová from press reports
The Slovak Spectator cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information presented in its Flash News postings.

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