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Reader feedback: The NBS announces coin competition,

Re: The NBS announces coin competition, News Briefs, July 28 - August 8, Vol 10, No 28

Strangly enough, the changeover from local to EMU currency is really only the adjustment to another value (arithmetics, if you like). When I buy groceries, I have no problem thinking and calculating in Euro, but if I buy a car or a house, I have to revert to thinking in Guilder in order to satisfy my sense of value. But the Euro coins actually satisfy my, let us call it, nationalist feeling, for one side of the coin (on the Dutch and on quite a few of the others) looks very trustworthy, with a depictment of Queen Beatrix, who is also depicted on the Guilder.

In any event, when the Slovaks voted in favour of joining the EU, they were simultaneously voting in favour of joining the EMU (subconsciously in any case!), so there is not going to be a referendum about this.


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