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Petition to outlaw SMK launched

The SLOVAK Revival Movement (SHO) began collecting signatures for the abolition of the Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK), which is one of the parties in the current ruling coalition government.

According to SHO, the SMK discriminates against everyone except Hungarian nationals living in Slovakia, the SME daily wrote. SHO chairman Róbert Švec said, however, that the petition was not directed against the Hungarian national minority living in Slovakia.

According to Švec, what finally provoked him to start the petition were recent statements made by some SMK members. The first statement, made by Edit Bauer, a member of the European Parliament, claimed that the national minority was denied the right to speak Hungarian in the Slovak Parliament.

The second, by SMK MEP Arpád Duka-Zólyomi, claimed that his party had not ruled out the possibility of any type of autonomy for the Hungarian minority in Slovakia.

The SMK's Miklós Duray said that the petition was ridiculous.

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