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Reader feedback: The basic reason Slovaks need US visas

Re: Mexico drops visa requirement, News in short, Vol 10, No 29, Jul 26 - Aug 8

Illegal workers in the USA come with a tourist visa and stay there for work - illegally.

It is kind of difficult for an average worker in Slovakia to afford the two or three thousand dollars that a "tourist" trip would cost.

I agree with the wish of a lot of Slovak people to go to the USA and live there, but at the moment that's not possible and that's the reason for the restrictions on coming into the country. There are not racial, or nationality problems, it is just the fear that people using this tourist visa will stay there for illegal work like the seven million illegal workers there at this moment.

I have some Slovak friends who have gotten tourist visas to the USA without problems because they have the economic background in Slovakia to assure the authorities of their intention to return.

Vienna, Austria

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