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Prepared by Jana Liptáková


DOG lovers will meet at the Incheba exhibition hall, Viedenská cesta 3-7, which will host three dog shows on August 21 and 22. Dogs will have the chance to win the titles of Slovak and international beauty champions on the two days. On August 21, the most beautiful dogs in the world will compete in the FCI World Supreme Superior for the Victor Grand Prix 2004. Tickets for the shows, open between 8:30 and 18:00, cost Sk50 and admission for the World Supreme Superior, starting on Saturday at 19:30, is Sk500. Tel: 02/5262-3355.
photo: Jana Liptáková

FESTIVAL: Language Festival - The Quechua language, which is spoken in the South-American country of Bolivia, is the star of a festival organised by the International League of Esperanto Teachers that is being held in the invented language of Esperanto.
Runs: Aug 20 from 14:00-18:00. Admission: free. Gymnázium a základná škola Sv. Vincenta de Paul (St Vincent de Paul Grammar and Elementary School), Bachova street. Tel: 0902/203-369.

EXHIBITION: Architecture of Glass, Architecture of Humour - Architects Olivier Leššo and Koloman Leššo present their works.
Open: Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00 until August 27. Admission: free. SAS Gallery, Panská 15. Tel: 02/5441-8607.

EXHIBITION: Ycons - Stano Černý presents his paintings.
Open: Tue-Sun 12:00-18:00 until August 29. Admission: free. Galéria Slovenskej Sporiteľne (Slovenská Sporiteľna Gallery), Zelená 2. Tel: 02/5977-9102.


MUSIC goers will pitch camp on a meadow close to Pezinok to attend Slovakia's second largest music festival, Hodokvas, between August 19 and 21. Apart from music, the fifth annual multimedia festival will also offer visitors visual arts, literature, drama, and movies. Students of sculpture from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Portugal have set up camp earlier to work on the project Sound Sculptures, to be ceremonially unveiled on Saturday. On six stages, the festival will host 121 bands, singers, and DJs, including the festival's headliner American hip-hop classics Arrested Development, drumming orchestra The Dhol Foundation, Czech rock-folk band Čechomor, and the legendary, 70-year-old Jamaica trumpet and saxophone player Ric Rodriguez. Tickets cost Sk599 for the whole festival when bought in advance. For more information call 0905/333-713.
photo: Exploited

FESTIVAL: Stupavský širák or the Stupava Broad-Brimmed Hat - Slovak and Czech singers and players perform at the 14th annual festival of folk, country, and bluegrass music.
Runs: Aug 20-21, starting at 18:30. Tickets: Sk250 in advance, Sk350 at the door. Local amphitheatre, Stupava. Tel: 0903/474-560.

FESTIVAL: Rytierske hry or Knight Games - Historical fencing groups, falconers, and groups playing historical music show their arts.
Runs: Aug 21-22. Tickets: Sk80-Sk150. Červený Kameň Castle, Častá. Tel: 033/6905-803.


FESTIVAL: Castle Festivities at Sklabiňa - Performances by historical fencers, falconers, and handicraftsmen take visitors back in time.
Starts: Aug 21 at 11:00. Admission: Sk50. Sklabiský Hrad (ruins of the Sklabiňa Castle), Sklabiňa. Tel: 0910/992-601.
FESTIVAL: Dožinky or Harvest Festival - Demonstrations of harvest customs, threshing, and using reeds in traditional folk practices.
Starts: Aug 22 at 9:00. Admission: Sk60. Múzeum Slovenskej Dediny (The Slovak Village Museum), Jahodnícke Háje, Martin. Tel: 043/4132/686.


FESTIVAL: Flax Sunday - Demonstrations of traditional processing of common flax in the Spiš region.
Starts: Aug 22 at 10:00. Tickets: Sk40. Ľubovniansky Hrad (Ľubovňa Castle). Stará Ľubovňa. Tel: 052/4322-030.

Prepared by Jana Liptáková

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