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New MEPs to be sworn in soon

NEW LEGISLATORS will replace the seven MEPs who are representing Slovakia in the European Parliament during a session called for August 24.

Seven of the 14 Slovaks who were elected as MEPs in the European election in June were MPs of the national parliament - Milan Gaľa from the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union, Irena Belohorská and Sergej Kozlík from the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia, Monika Beňová from Smer, Anna Záborská from the Christian Democratic Movement, and Edit Bauer and Arpád Duka-Zolyomi from the Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK).

The respective political parties nominated the replacements, the state-run news agency TASR reported.

Instead of Gaľa, Jaroslav Ivančo, the principal at an economic high school in Svidník, will take the seat; Katarína Tóthová and Ján Cuper will replace Belohorská and Kozlík; Smer's regional chairman in Nitra, Peter Oremus, will replace Beňová; physician Ján Bielik from Nové Mesto nad Váhom will take Záborská's seat; and the deputy minister of culture, József Kvarda, and university teacher Gyorgy Juhász will replace SMK's Bauer and Duka-Zólyomi.

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