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Reader feedback: Education Ministry is lying to itself

Re: Teachers to get raise, By Martina Jurinová, Aug 29 - Sep 5, Vol 10, No 33

Please, somebody at the Ministry of Education, just get real. Even with the proposed salaries for teachers, how could that attract anyone? I am writing on behalf of my friends who work as primary school teachers - the only way to survive in Bratislava for them is to share a flat (four in a two-room flat) and work abroad during summer holidays... sad, especially seeing as they are putting their hearts into teaching those little kids, but nobody seems to care how little they have to live on. Luckily, in Bratislava there are some wealthy parents who support the schools quite generously, if not with money then with gifts of stationary, carpets, etc. My sister teaches in a primary school in a small village in northern Slovakia, where there are no wealthy parents, what with all the unemployment and pitiful salaries. Something should be done; people in Slovakia deserve to be happy, not frustrated on a permanent basis because of a lack of money for basic things.


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