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Reader feedback: The discussion continues

Re: After 60 years, the SNP remains divisive, By Lukas Fila, Sep 6-12, Vol 10, No 34

As a historian who has written [about the SNP] I have drawn two independent conclusions: First, many Slovak émigrés I have met claim that the Slovak National Uprising was not representative of the average citizen (i.e. Slovak Catholics). Yet if one takes into account pro-Czechs, Lutherans, Communists, Roma and Carpatho-Rusyns - as well as many Slovak Catholics - then the uprising represented a significant cross-section of the population. Second, in March 1939 Tiso and his associates did what was necessary to preserve Slovak statehood. In autumn 1944 their opponents also did what was necessary by bringing Slovakia over to the Allies side of the war.

Vladimir Baumgarten,
Tallahassee, USA

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