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Reader feedback: Lesser of two evils

Re: Americans in Bratislava active in US elections, By Amanda Surbey and Hank Jones, Sep 6-12, Vol 10, No 34

The problem with American politics, and particularly with democracy as a political system, is that with rare exceptions, the kinds of people who end up in the most powerful positions in government are the kinds of people that cause voters to proclaim: "Okay, he's an idiot, a liar, and a jerk, but it's the best we're offered."

How many times has everyone said, "Guess I'll have to vote for the lesser of two evils"? What does that say? All of our candidates are worthless, but they're the only candidates. The kinds of people we all hope to see as our leaders never run for office. We get the leftovers, the madly ambitious, the "God ordained me" types, and the proven incompetents. This is the fatal flaw at the heart of democracy.

Don Merritt,
Berlin, Germany

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