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People's Union changes leader

THE NATIONAL executive council of the People's Union (ĽÚ) delegated MP Gustáv Krajči to lead the party until its congress on October 20.

"The executive council has also charged me with the task of leading negotiations with the Movement for Democracy (HZD) party [formed by current president Ivan Gašparovič] about a possible merger of the two parties," Krajči told the independent news agency SITA.

Krajči added that the October 20 party congress should make a definite decision about the future of the party on the Slovak political scene.

The People's Union was established in 2003 by a group of MPs who defected to the Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) led by three-time ex-PM Vladimír Mečiar.

Vojtech Tkáč became the chairman of ĽÚ but resigned from the post following a party fiasco in the elections to the European Parliament.

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