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Reader feedback: Myths about Farenheiht?

Re: Moore on Bush safari, By Jonathan Knapp, Sep 20-26, Vol 10, No 36

I would like to address your review of Farenheight 9/11.

First of all Moore does not "want to create a frenzy of hatred against Bush every bit as powerful as the frenzy of fear that he chastises the president and his administration for creating." Moore wants America (with only a 30 percent voter turnout) to get active and see some of the items that are being withheld because of the censorship of the US media. American's should be mad.

Second, you call Moore "the ubiquitous self-appointed champion of the American left and gadfly of the American right." Where do you get your propaganda?

Third, no facts were twisted in the film. Please remember this fact: Almost all the footage used in Moore's film comes from American media archives. Moore got it through the Freedom of Information Act. This footage was sitting in the back rooms of conventional, multi-national corporate-owned networks, which were pressured not to air the footage.

You need to have facts before you say someone twisted the facts.

Moore could have made the movie 15 hours longer for what was left out. Please go to www.michaelmoore.com and read the facts. He gives answers to every question asked. You can see his process of making sure that every single fact portrayed in the movie are just facts.

Finally, I live in a military town. I can tell you about the group of people who really hate Bush. The ones who have managed to come home from Iraq have stories, as well as anger, about what has been done to them by the Bush administration.

Jon Temple,

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