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Reader feedback: Education is the only answer

Re: Legislating equality: Can it be done?, By Martina Jurinová, Sep 20-26, Vol 10, No 36

While it is generally considered that the majority of Slovaks see Roma as lazy and unwilling to join society according to the rules applied to everyone else, most people agree that some type of solution must be attained.

Education is the only answer, along with some kind of on-the-job-training for adults. But it has to be fair and equally done.

There should be more programmes for people to meet and understand each other's cultures, to help bridge the gap that has lasted these many years. There has to be cooperation between all people, and more communication among them or this problem will never be resolved.

Finally, it has to start at home. The jokes, the labelling, the mistreatment of other people as less than human, the dirty looks, the degradation, and the disrespect - it has to stop.

Come on, people. We have to learn to live with one another. Whatever happened to, "Treat unto others as you would like to be treated"?

Vince Stankay,
Florida, USA

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