Reader feedback: Affirming the action

Affirming the action

Re: Legislating equality: Can it be done?, By Martina Jurinová, Sep 20-26, Vol 10, No 36

/Editor's note: The premise of positive discrimination is not to "hire the unqualified over the qualified." Positive discrimination, better known as affirmative action, legislates a preference for one group over another when an employer is faced with two equally qualified candidates./
If everyone is supposed to be treated equally in Slovakia, as [Justice Minister] Lipšic believes, then how come Roma peoples' living conditions are not equal to those of the Slovak majority? How come the numbers of Roma students at secondary schools and universities are not equal to the numbers of students from a Slovak majority background? How come Roma people have no equal access to job opportunities in comparison with other Slovak people?
Clearly Roma are a disadvantaged group. They are not treated equally in Slovakia. They need help to reach the same economic level as the rest of the Slovak people.
Positive discrimination is the right instrument in this situation. Once Romas are treated equally in Slovakia there won't be any need for positive discrimination. Meanwhile, Roma people should be given a chance.


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