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Carrots and cabbage reward for health

HEALTH Minister Rudolf Zajac, whose proposed healthcare reform package was passed last week in parliament, said he was not going to lobby President Ivan Gašparovič to sign the laws.

According to Zajac, appealing to the president would be undignified, considering Gašparovič's status .

"I'm not going to buzz around the palace, and beg him to sign it, that's for sure," said Zajac.

According to Pavol Rusko, the chairman of the ruling New Citizen's Alliance party, which nominated Zajac to the ministerial seat, the president would decide independently regardless of the appeals.

"In the 100 days of his presidency, Gašparovič has shown that he's not conforming to any party," Rusko said.

Rusko thanked Minister Zajac for pushing through the health reform with a basket full of carrots and cabbage. "Zajac" means "rabbit" in English.

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