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Reader feedback: Meteo-wrong?

Re: Waiter - I've found a meteorite in my soup!, Sep 27-Oct 3, Vol 10, No 37

Far too often, people find strange stones and trustingly take them for verification to a local college or university that, unfortunately, does not support a meteoritic department. They are delighted when a kind geology professor declares their stone to be a meteorite. However, when they attempt to sell their prize they are crushed at the revelation that the precious stone is actually earthly iron ore.

Assuming Mr. Neuhaus has a genuine meteorite, a sample should be sent to a meteorite classifying institution for classification and scientific study. Classification information is then sent to the Meteoritical Society, which names the meteorite and publishes the information. Both Mr. Neuhaus and the scientific community are greatly benefited.

However, if the meteorite turns out to be a meteorwrong (not a meteorite), Mr. Neuhaus will sadly lose a valued attraction, which is why I hesitate to comment on the matter at all.

Ken Newton,

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