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Re: Teachers to get pay rise, News shorts, Oct 4 - Oct 10, Vol 10, No 38

There are many issues presented in this issue of TSS, and some (mostly about America, of course) are being discussed by the regular participants. But in terms of the future of Slovakia, its growth and viability as a nation, it is, in my humble opinion, the degradation and humiliation of teachers, and teaching as a profession, by the Slovak government (and probably the Slovak people, as well) that is the most important of all these articles.

Education is not cheap, but it is just about the most important element in the creation of a viable society. Again I say if the rampantly corrupt politicians would just return to education 10 percent of what they steal, Slovakia would lead Europe in the intellectual power of its citizens.

In spite of a bit of preceding hyperbole, the fact is, Slovaks ought to be embarrassed to be so close to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to compensating the very people who take on the task of educating the young. It is a sad commentary on a new nation that education is so lightly valued that it is all right to pay the guy picking up your trash more than the person feeding your child's head.

This is the kind of failure that haunts an entire future.

Don Merritt,
Berlin, Germany

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