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Reader feedback: Internet warning

Re: Schools online for internet, By Marta Ďurianová, October 11-17, Vol 10, No 39

I hope that each school is provided with a virus checker and firewall. In addition, the service provider assigned to those schools should be required to provide a competent virus and spam checker and a firewall.

This double line of protection is necessary to prevent those new computers from becoming useless pieces of furniture. Even then, early in the game, staff and students should be taught how to watch for and recognize potential viruses and spam that make it past the blockers, how not to open them, and how to dispose of them safely.

I say this because every time I correspond electronically with friends in the Slovak school system I am deluged over the next day with viruses and spam emanating from Slovakia. It is obvious that the school machines they are using are already infected and trying to damage others.

Ron Watson,

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