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Top picks: Nový Čas and Plus 7 dní

A SURVEY carried out by the media research section of the state-run Slovak Radio showed that the tabloid Nový Čas was the most read daily newspaper in Slovakia. Twenty-three percent of respondents named the newspaper when asked which daily they read yesterday.

Second came Pravda with 13.3 percent, followed by SME with 10.5 percent and Šport with 6.1 percent.

In weeklies, the most popular magazine is Plus 7 dní, which is regularly read by 24.3 percent of respondents, the SITA news agency wrote.

Second place went to a new magazine for women, Nový Čas pre ženy, with 21.7 percent, followed by Život with 20.2 percent.

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Kysuce highway stalled due to missing money

Money is missing to finish the section of highway between Žilina and Poland, stopping the completion of the D3 highway project.

Road-blocking protest in Povina, Kysuce, demanding completion of highway bypass - February 16.

Slovak film won Generation Kplus section at Berlinale

The film Little Harbour that won the Crystal Bear – beating movies from many other countries - is the work of (mostly) Slovak women.

Director of Little Harbour, Iveta Grófová, with the Cristal Bear

State insulation falls behind expectations, ministry widens support

Only 134 homeowners in the first round and 62 in the second applied for a subsidy via the insulation programme.

Only 134 homeowners in the first round and 62 in the second applied for a subsidy via the state insulation programme. Illustration stock photo

US philosopher with Slovak roots, Michael Novak, dies

The man who advised politicians and even presidents Gerald Ford and James Carter died on February 17, aged 83.

Michael Novak