Reader feedback: Euro workers are the best

Re: Slovakia must meet criteria for visa regime, Flash news, October 19

There is nothing more important to me as the son of Slovak parents than to see equal treatment for my relatives in Slovakia to come over and visit America.

I've spent some time trying to improve the visa issue for Slovaks. Sad to say I have not had much luck. I thought the Slovak organizations that I wrote to would have responded better, but I will keep on trying.

I had the pleasure to welcome my cousin from Slovakia in my home with his girl friend, also from Slovakia, last year. They were both here in America on student working visas. I had arranged it with my niece who owns a carnival in Pennsylvania and she is always in need of workers in the summer. Needless to say, she says that the European workers are the best workers.

Vince Stankay, Florida, USA

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