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Reader feedback: Change the rules

Re: Slovakia must meet criteria for visa regime, Flash news, October 19

Of course the 3 percent "rule" [for visas] can be changed, if it actually exists. The fact that each US embassy sets it's own rules seems to suggest that there is not one overall guide to rejecting visa applicants. Our government lets in Cubans that can reach the shore of the US on their own, but sends back those found at sea. Haitians that reach the shore are just sent back. The US government has different rules for different people. So our ambassador in the Slovak Republic and the Deputy Secretary of State can allow Slovaks to come to the US regardless of the 3-percent "rule". The Slovak army didn't set up a litmus test for the US to pass and I think our president and his cabinet should see a loyal ally and freedom-loving people and welcome them to the US instead of just Iraq.

Colin P. Varga, Philadelphia, PA, USA

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