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Reader feedback: Involve the parents

Re: An apple a day won't pay, October 18-24, Vol 10, No. 40

I think parental involvement is the way it will have to go, and it's how it is already. Our son is in kindergarten and in addition to the basic school fees we make a variety of "optional" donations to cover the purchase of toys, teaching materials and trips. There is a "board" we could try to get elected to, and we've been invited in October to go paint and clean up the yard. So it's happening.

The only problem with this is that it moves us towards a two-tier education system where the middle-class and active get a much better education than the poor.

There's not much you can do to stop active people beating lazy people but I hope one day to see a voucher system whereby parents could use market power to influence schools and set up boards that would have power not only to run a "computer buying drive" but also to hire and fire staff, set pay grades and influence the curriculum (along with other stakeholders like local employers). The vouchers would help to make the education "market" more transparent and give even poorer parents a degree of leverage.

Roger, Žilina

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