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Reader feedback: New world order

Tourist revenues in Slovakia fall, News shorts, October 25 - 31, Vol 10, No 41

I was a guest of Slovak tourism late last November, on a tour set up for central European tour organisers. The Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary also took part in this tour. Every country tried to outdo the other countries, and I was the only one who had ever been to Slovakia before. I can tell you that the Slovak tourist authority did an excellent job. They left the Hungarian's for dust! Everyone was highly impressed with Slovakia, and what it had to offer tourists. It will take time, but you're on the right path!

Mark Bigaouette,
Minnesota, USA

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The only demand that has been met to date is the abrogation of Vladimír Mečiar’s amnesties by parliament.

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The world-renowned personality of contemporary ballet will present two choreographies at the Slovak National Theatre in September.

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Rules for regional elections change, which may bring some surprising victories.

One of the biggest fights is expected in Banská Bystrica Region.

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Cyclist Peter Sagan becomes the first man to win three consecutive world championships. He allegedly did not expect it and was easy with the idea he would not win.