Reader feedback: Why limit gay rights?

Slovakia opts out of EU agreement on gay marriages, Volume 10, Number 43, November 8-14

Let's come down to earth. How does it infringe heterosexuals' rights to allow gays to marry? If people who have nothing to lose by letting others gain equality felt less threatened, this would not be an issue. If political leaders took the intitiative to show that gay marriage doesn't threaten anyone, then people would not be afraid. Someone who has no contact with gays, either because they don't want to or they just don't care about the problems gays face, should not worry if they get married or not.

Who really cares about restricting the rights of others? Unfortunately, it is idealists. People who fight for ideals without taking into consideration human suffering are stupid. I don't believe any religion calls for restrictions on the rights of those with whom you wish not to have contact. It is unchristian, inhuman, illogical, and downright selfish.


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