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Boy falls into cesspool
Executioner's House
Post office robbed
Dainty village dishes

THE JAROVNICE municipality decided to cover this cesspool after a boy accidentally fell in.
photo: SME

Boy falls into cesspool

A SIX-year-old boy named Dominik fell into a cesspool while playing with his friends November 5 close to Jarovnice, a municipality in Eastern Slovakia.
According to the daily SME the cesspool was not covered. After they saw that Dominik had fallen into the cesspool, his friends at first panicked but then rushed for help.
A local businessman, Jozef Triščík, came to help Dominik by climbing down a ladder and looking for him. He managed to pull the boy out but the boy was unconscious. The helpers immediately gave the boy first aid and by the time the ambulance arrived he had regained consciousness and was able to breathe unaided.
Dominik was rushed to hospital in Prešov where he is described as being in critical condition. He was in the cesspool for five to 10 minutes and may suffer permanently as a result. Immediately after the tragic accident the cesspool was closed with concrete lids.

Executioner's House

THE PERMANENT exhibition in the torture room of the so-called Executioner's House under Trenčín Castle is endangered by damp seeping into the basement.
According to the SME daily, the Trenčín Museum already plans to take down the exhibition for the winter to prevent damage.
The museum's director, Katarína Babičová, said that the exhibition would be re-installed in the torture room after the gallery is equipped with new anti-damp devices.
The gallery was set up in the beginning of this year. The problems with dampness surfaced after the exhibition was installed in what was the local torture room two centuries ago.
The museum's employees thought that the damp would recede after the premises were thoroughly aired during the summer but they were wrong.
"It is now clear that this solution was not sufficient," said Babičová.
The dampness endangers precious historical exhibits of the medieval legal system such as a judge's table, a torture bench, and historical catchpole uniforms.
"We are now in talks to buy suitable anti-damp devices so that the exposition can be re-installed in the spring," said the director.
The Executioner's House dates back to the 16th century. It used to serve as a home and workplace of the local city executioner. The basement of the two-storey house served as a jail and torture room.
Since medieval times the building served other purposes as well.
Most recently, the previous owner of the house, Trenčín District Office, planned to rebuild the house for office space.
But after the building changed owners and the municipal authority VÚC became the new owner, the Trenčín Museum decided to set up the exhibition in the house.

Liptovský Mikuláš
Post office robbed

UNKNOWN robbers got away with Sk7 million (€176,632) from the main post office in Liptovský Mikuláš, a town in the northwestern region of Žilina on the evening of November 11.
The robbery took place at 7:30 pm, when thieves attacked a clerk, forcing her to unlock a security system.
They then entered the building and stole the Sk7 million haul, the TASR news agency wrote.
Police, in cooperation with units in the neighbouring districts of Ružomberok, Poprad and Brezno, launched an immediate search but have not yet caught the perpetrators. Investigations are continuing.

YOUNG women learn the traditional recipes of their foremothers to tickle the tastebuds of their men. .
photo: SME - Ján Krošlák

Dainty village dishes

A BAKING competition was held in the villages of Riečka, Tajov, Králik and Kordík in the Banská Bystrica region. Teams, captained by the
villages' mayors, revived traditional recipes for cakes, homemade pickles and jam.
"We wanted to make sure that the younger people do not forget the traditional recipes, especially those made of leavened dough. We also wanted to liven up things in the villages," Ľubica Rusková, a councillor for the village of Riečka, told the SME daily.
The tables were full of various homemade traditional cakes such as sweet cottage cheese cakes, cabbage cakes, as well as a special secret recipe called "man's dream".
According to a culinary enquiry conducted by the daily SME, man's dream is a baked potato complemented with bacon and cheese.
The SME journalists also discovered other local specialties, despite the fact that Councillor Rusková claimed that the local villages' cuisines do not have any such dishes.
In Riečka, for instance, SME discovered Riečanské hamburgers, a succulent snack consisting of bread soaked in pig fat topped with onion circles.
Another local delicacy is pickled hot peppers with raisins and honey, which is unlikely to be found elsewhere in the country.

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