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Reader feedback: Shameful visa scam

RE: Slovaks fall for US visa scam, Flash News Briefs, November 23

A US visa scam is a shameful thing and, in part, the fault lies with both perpetrators and victims.

However, the US must share a large part of the responsibility. If it were less difficult for honest, hard-working people to get visas, scams of this type would not be able to take advantage of well-meaning people.

I, for one, am tired of the concept of “fortress America” along with its supporting network of smaller forts situated around the world that are laughingly promoted as embassies representing a free and open society.

It is typical that we (Americans) overreact to threats, real or perceived, and then tinker with symptoms rather than curing the disease.

“And the first one now shall later be last, for the times they are a changing.” -Bob Dylan, “The Times They are a Changin’”

Roger Coldiron,

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