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Police break up organised car theft group

A WAREHOUSE at the Office to Fight Organised Crime is packed full of car stereo systems, laptop computers, mobile telephones, cameras and other electronic gadgets that the police seized in house searches of an organised group of car thieves.

According to the SITA news agency, the group was active across the whole of Slovakia. Eleven group members, including its 42-year old boss, Igor A from Bratislava, are charged with setting up and supporting a criminal group, theft and money laundering.

"In an organised fashion they stole electronics and car components, then sold them," police vice-president Jaroslav Spišiak said at a press conference November 30. He added that Igor A's 74-year old mother also managed the group. She was charged, but not taken into custody because of her age. Her son, however, along with six other members of the group, is in police custody. If convicted, they could face prison terms of up to 12 years.

The police have known about the group since May but only intervened on November 25. Police officers made 17 house searches, in which they found more than 250 car audio systems, laptop computers, mobile telephones, cameras, car components and other items.

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